The IQ Infographic

This IQ infographic shows the percentages of worldwide IQ’s, which should help you get an idea of where you stand in the brain power hierarchy. If you rank somewhere on the low side don’t fret – The IQ system is generally accepted as a flawed way to measure intelligence, although it can certainly help pinpoint areas that need work!

The image above presents some interesting information that I found online and it’s the first IQ infographic – or any infographic for that matter I’ve had the pleasure of crafting. I’m not overly happy with the results, but “Rome wasn’t… ” well you know.

Why Infographics are Delightful

I will be implementing these types of visualizations in subsequent postings because of the benefits they bring:

    1. They deliver complex information as an easily understandable image
    2. In modern society we have less and less time, infographics allow us to get information across quickly
    3. Creating this compelling imagery can help the content to stand out from the overload of messaging we receive in our daily lives
    4. People only remember about 20% of what they read, Infographics increase reading retention (Report J6 Design)
    5. Highly sharable 73% of people that have shared a piece of content say they have understood it more thoroughly (New Your Times Study)
    6. The action of sharing increases brand recall by 63% (Barnum and Sully report 2011)
    7. Brand reinforcement – The viral nature of infographics can help reinforce your brand in the market place
    8. Prospect engagement – give you greater reach and something for your RMs to talk about with clients and prospects
    9. Carefully placed infographics (where others can embed it on their own blogs and sites) can extend your influence (

Creating infographics is a time consuming but rewarding activity – delightful I would even say. If you like to exercise both sides of your brain, this is one of the best ways to do it!