The Cognitive Augmentation Outline

This is the outline for the future ramblings of this weblog:

Chapter 1

  • FAQ
  • Introduction
  • Thesis and what the human mind is capable of, our cognitive capability and an argument of nurture over nature with case studies provided as evidence.
  • The goals of our studies

Chapter 2

  • Continuation of Goals
  • Great minds; real life examples of the goals
  • Case studies, etc.

Chapter 3

  • An introduction to the success formulas used by the great minds of past and present
  • Model for these formulas and real life application
  • Da Vinci, Einstein, Alexander the Great, Sun Tzu, etc.

Chapter 4

  • The development of Wit, quickness of mind, speed of thought
  • Model for wit; formula
  • Practical Application Examples, especially Mark Twain.

Chapter 5

  • Model for Visualization
  • Practical Application Examples, focusing primarily on Tesla.

Chapter 6

  • The importance, accumulation, and application of Vocabulary
  • Practical Application Examples, Emily Dickinson, Twain, and more

Chapter 7

  • Developing of Innovation and Creativity

Chapter 8

  • The Body – as the holder of the brain – exercise and nutrition focused on brain health and enhancement.

Chapter 9

  • The Intellectual Environment

Chapter 10

  • The study and art of Recall
  • Method of Loki
  • Mnemonic Techniques and devices

As these writings progress I fully expect to see many changes in this outline for the better, but this original outline will, I believe, serve us well in our future studies.

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