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The Memory Palace System


As illustrated by the image above, memory is quite complex, but the more tools we have to harness our thoughts and power of recall, the simpler it becomes. I have been using the Memory Palace System for a few months now, but only for little things like grocery and topic lists (lists of points I […]

The Photographic Memory “How To”

source: Frankblacknoir on Flickr

The Concept of “Brain Training” On average, a Nationals Memory Champion spends an hour “working out” (brain training) every day. Think of it as a physical workout – but instead of going for a run or lifting weights, you are exercising your most important “muscle”, your brain. Thirty minutes of a learned and established routine […]

Mental Health and Prosperity

Nikola Tesla

This is where we really start to delve into the purpose and goals of the overall enhancement process. Without getting too far ahead of myself, I’d like to give a couple short examples of the purpose of this series. Sherlock Holmes Do you wonder if Holmes’ superb attention to every minute detail and mind-numbing deduction […]

The Missing Link to the Elite Mind

The Missing Link to the Elite Mind

Many people wonder why they get bad grades, or why they aren’t smart. Others look for weak spots in their study and get advice on how to improve their knowledge. Some people curse their bad memory, while others ponder on ways to increase it. Everyone marvels at the intelligence of someone they know at one […]

Anxiolytic Cocktail

Anxiolytic Cocktail

Hack: The Anxiolytic Cocktail provides the user with the benefits of the Aniracetam base, and uniquely merges anxiety killing herbs and synthetic derivatives to improve the emotional state of mind. Ingredients Serves 1 600 mg Aniracetam 250 mg Bacopa 200 mg L-Theanine 500mg Choline Bitartrate Preparation #1 Combine ingredients with orange juice or similar liquid […]