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The Top 20 Healthy Brain Nutrients!

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Why Your Brain Needs Natural Nutrients In light of my recent Nootropic recipe postings, I have decided to balance my study with an organic approach to brain health and improvement. It’s best to build a healthy brain diet revolving around foods that promote brain health first – lay that foundation before building on it with […]

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Anxiolytic Cocktail

Anxiolytic Cocktail

Hack: The Anxiolytic Cocktail provides the user with the benefits of the Aniracetam base, and uniquely merges anxiety killing herbs and synthetic derivatives to improve the emotional state of mind. Ingredients Serves 1 600 mg Aniracetam 250 mg Bacopa 200 mg L-Theanine 500mg Choline Bitartrate Preparation #1 Combine ingredients with orange juice or similar liquid […]