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The IQ Infographic

The IQ Infographic

This IQ infographic shows the percentages of worldwide IQ’s, which should help you get an idea of where you stand in the brain power hierarchy. If you rank somewhere on the low side don’t fret – The IQ system is generally accepted as a flawed way to measure intelligence, although it can certainly help pinpoint […]

Mental Health and Prosperity

Nikola Tesla

This is where we really start to delve into the purpose and goals of the overall enhancement process. Without getting too far ahead of myself, I’d like to give a couple short examples of the purpose of this series. Sherlock Holmes Do you wonder if Holmes’ superb attention to every minute detail and mind-numbing deduction […]

The Art of Obsession (continued)

Purpose. Obsession must have a purpose first of all. The purpose of a tree is simply to grow toward the sun. This purpose is essentially the rudder, the element providing direction for the individual’s passion. A boat without a rudder and destination will never achieve its goal, no matter how much wind is at its […]

The Art of Obsession

What is Obsession? I realize that this word has a negative association to many, so I have added the following words for those of us who would prefer the more positive twists of the word. Typically when we refer to an obsession in a positive way, we use the words “passion”, “preoccupation”, “fixation”, or something […]

Anxiolytic Cocktail

Anxiolytic Cocktail

Hack: The Anxiolytic Cocktail provides the user with the benefits of the Aniracetam base, and uniquely merges anxiety killing herbs and synthetic derivatives to improve the emotional state of mind. Ingredients Serves 1 600 mg Aniracetam 250 mg Bacopa 200 mg L-Theanine 500mg Choline Bitartrate Preparation #1 Combine ingredients with orange juice or similar liquid […]