The Top 20 Healthy Brain Nutrients!

Why Your Brain Needs Natural Nutrients

In light of my recent Nootropic recipe postings, I have decided to balance my study with an organic approach to brain health and improvement. It’s best to build a healthy brain diet revolving around foods that promote brain health first – lay that foundation before building on it with the stronger supplements such as the Racetam family of Nootropics.

The reason I say this is because many brain supplements will not perform their function as well in a malnourished brain – it’s like the relationship between glutamine and whey protein – you’re body will likely benefit from the consumption of one independent from the other, but the strongest gains will certainly be seen when using the two to compliment each other, due to the increase of insulin levels that result in a faster delivery of nutrients to the muscles.

So a healthy brain is a must!

Here is a list of nutrients that the brain craves – choosing foods high in the brain nutrients on this list will help you develop and maintain a powerful and healthy brain.

The Top 20 Brain Nutrients

  1. Alpha linoleic, omega-3, and omega-6 fatty acids
  2. Vitamin E
  3. Vitamin B6
  4. Magnesium
  5. Phenylalanin
  6. Riboflavin
  7. Choline
  8. Anthocyanins
  9. Antioxidents
  10. Thiamine
  11. Theanine
  12. Zinc
  13. Catechines
  14. Polyphenols
  15. Lutein
  16. Zeaxanthin
  17. Mono-unsaturated fats
  18. Vitamin K
  19. Nasunin
  20. Calcium

For further individual research, just google “foods rich in (nutrient) “, or “fruits/vegatables high in (nutrient)”, etc. You get the picture.

My next posts will contain some healthy brain-food recipes to get us on the right track.

Anxiolytic Cocktail

Hack: The Anxiolytic Cocktail provides the user with the benefits of the Aniracetam base, and uniquely merges anxiety killing herbs and synthetic derivatives to improve the emotional state of mind.


Serves 1

  • 600 mg Aniracetam
  • 250 mg Bacopa
  • 200 mg L-Theanine
  • 500mg Choline Bitartrate

Preparation #1

  • Combine ingredients with orange juice or similar liquid to minimize the objective taste.

Preparation #2

  • Combine ingredients into size 0 or 00capsules.

I am currently in the process of evaluating the effectiveness of this recipe. So far I have experienced the typical nootropic benefits of increased memory capacity and speed, as well as a heightened sense of social acumen and awareness. The combination does have an emotional “boosting” effect, that is, mood enhancement, augmentation of the overall sense of well-being. Not entirely convinced that this combo does a whole lot better than a simple theanine/racetam compound, but i shouldn’t be too quick to conclude the study – I’ll write an update in a week or two with a final judgement.