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Josh riding a Donkey in Jordon – One of 17 countries and 58 cities – ‘thank you digital business and minimalism.’

Living Apex is a blog written by Josh Rueff, a 27-year-old freelance copywriter and digital nomad who shares his experiences with all things minimalist and digitally entrepreneurial.

Living Apex is based around the philosophy of lifestyle minimalism and “digital nomadism,” that is, building a business that frees your life and enables you to travel anywhere, anytime.

Here you’ll how to simplify your life, create a 6-figure online business, and automate it. This is real-life digital nomad experience at it’s best; the minimalist habits of successful people and the new rich, as well as many minimalist “how-to’s” for hobbies, sports, pastimes, recipes, philosophy, minimalist wisdom from ancient cultures, and a quagmire of quirky ideals.

The blog was created in September of 2012 as a creative outlet and self improvement log. One thing led to another — debt was erased, real estate was bought with 100% cash, an inflexible career was dropped, and a new life as a completely free, full-time freelance writer began!

But freedom comes at a cost.

It took Josh about 5 years to build a completely self-sustained online business, and another 2 years to make the leap into white-collar territory.

Josh now writes copy and content for online publications, blogs, and a variety of websites, and has written numerous book about lifestyle minimalism, marketing, and more.

If you have a writing or content marketing project you’d like to discuss, you can email Josh at jrueff7@gmail.com, or contact him via his portfolio site.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Living Apex Mean?

Apex is either the top or highest part of something; reaching the highest point. Living Apex started as a self improvement journal, and gradually became a site about reaching the pinnacle of life through nomadic living, digital entrepreneurship, and minimalism.

How were you introduced to minimalism?

I first began to understand the concept in Cuba. I can’t go into the specifics of my job there, but most of the time I spent there was in complete seclusion, miles away from any kind of civilization. The Caribbean environment was both lovely and surreal. I had never seen packs of banana rats running like tiny little wolves. I’d never been greeted by millions of baby crabs, skittering across the tropical grass like swarms of heavy duty ants. I saw my first shark, just yards away from my face, and again felt the jolt of life-flashing adrenaline when I snorkled right up to a barracuda, eye to eye.

This is where I began to enjoy living simply, in a tropical but Walden-like setting.

I had a lot of time on my hands, time I decided to spend consuming all of the literature I could get my hands on about living life to the utmost. I wanted to travel the world like Magellan, hunt lion and boar like Hemingway, fight like Royce Gracie, nap on white sand beaches, live in straw huts in Roatan, and swim with Great White sharks on the Great Barrier Reef.

Speaking of barriers, I had a few that were actively blocking that lifestyle — money, debt, and an anchoring career. I believed that a good education was essential for my success, but how would I get that without school loans? I’ve always been convinced that asset-building through value-investing is the best way to build wealth, but how could I invest money without pulling out a business loan? How could I buy a house, one of the most valuable assets a man can own, without getting a mortgage?

These were questions I couldn’t answer.

So I studied. And studied. And studied some more.

I researched ancient cultures, lost traditions and mindsets, and I read about the most successful people in history. The ancient Babylonians, Sumerians, Assyrians, Spartans, Chaldeans, Chinese, Japanese, Greeks, Romans, Trojans, Carthaginians, Phoenicians, Minoans, Visigoths, Vikings, Nubians, Kushites, Israelites, Egyptians — The greatest of them found success in the same place.

Samurai, Courtiers, Templar, Hospitallers, Arthurian Knights, Monks, Crypteia, Masons; all members of the ancient elites shared common methods. 

They all achieved an apex lifestyle through autonomy and simplicity, and groups formed and built successful nations on one simple concept: They maintained control of their lives, which established some form of freedom.

In the nations that used money, they understood how to control that money to work for them, not the other way around. Some nations, like Sparta, rejected the use of money entirely because they saw how it often stripped the people of their power.

So for all my ambitious plans, I decided that the only way to pursue them was through simplicity and autonomy; through the digital nomad lifestyle and minimalism.

So far it’s worked out great, but I have many more goals I’m in the process of completing. Stay tuned!

How do I subscribe to Living Apex?

There’s a few options, all of them free.

– You can subscribe to the Living Apex newsletter: It’s sent out at the beginning of each month and includes news and announcements, as well as a digest of recent entries. Naturally, your email will never ever be used for any other purpose than sending you news from Living Apex, and each newsletter you receive will include a link to unsubscribe.

– You can subscribe to the RSS feed.

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How has minimalism and being a digital nomad helped you so far?

First and foremost I’ve been blessed by God. Minimalism and the digital nomad lifestyle has been the strategies that helped me:

1. Buy two houses (working on a third now) without pulling out a mortgage: One of the concepts of minimalism is minimal debt. Preferably no debt. I searched for hours, days, months, and years to find out how to buy a good home without going into debt. And I found it.

2. Travel the world: This would be nothing but a pipe dream if it weren’t for the minimalist habits that my wife Lacy introduced me to. I had a few things going in that department myself, but I wouldn’t have made it this far without her. I’ve visited 58 cities in 17 countries so far, although I haven’t “taken root” and experienced the cultures in all of them. That’s what I’d like to do, experience each place from a local perspective, learning cultural traditions, foods, and lifestyle. No more tourism for me.

3. Go to school at a respected university (Baker U) without taking out a student loan: Some people would say, “Josh I thought it was your GI bill that kept you out of student debt” – that’s true too! But it was minimalist principles that brought me to that decision to begin with.

4. Maintain my fitness goals with no gym membership or weights: I know that’s vague, but benching 300 and curling 100 lbs on each arm are two goals I’ve accomplished, 100% natural. I’ll write more on that later.

5. Make money from anywhere in the world: My content marketing and writing business gives me the flexibility to travel whenever and wherever I want at the drop of a hat.

As long as I have wifi, I make white-collar money living like a gypsy.

Digital nomads face plenty of problems unique to the profession, but it beats the heck out of slaving away at a 9 to 5 for a couple weeks of vacation a year and a false sense of security. Freedom to live life as the inspiring adventure it should be — that’s what minimalism and digital entrepreneurship has done for me.

6. Get 100% out of debt: There’s not many things more enslaving than debt, and I’m happy to say that the habits I formed pursuing the minimalist lifestyle proved to be capable. And now I have no debt!

I can only expect that life gets better and better from here, especially as I use what I learn researching minimalism. I hope and expect that the same will be true for whoever reads this blog.

The Goal is to achieve a 100% financially free minimalist and nomadic lifestyle.

That means enough passive income to create an independently wealthy lifestyle, that is, passive income that takes minutes to maintain.

Right now I’m happy to say that I make doctor’s and lawyer’s wages as a writer and online marketer — but I still work nearly as much as the average person.

That needs to change.

I’m working on transforming my business model to balance my direct income with passive income, while enriching the life of every person I come into contact with.

Living a simple life doesn’t mean living life as a simpleton.

It’s about life simplification.

It’s about minimizing waste, excess, and maximizing loopholes and automation to live more productively, efficiently, with more fulfillment, and the apex of enjoyment.

Having a minimalist lifestyle means that you own your things; they don’t own you.

It means less time spent on things you don’t enjoy, and more time spent on the things you do.

It means living a simple life, free of worry, and freedom from clutter.

Not just the clutter caused by things; emotional clutter, psychological clutter, a cluttered schedule, an overly complex lifestyle, work that demands your freedom for an average paycheck — that all ends here.

Cut the clutter from your life with me. 

Believe me, it’s the best decision I’ve ever made, and I’m thrilled to offer my humble experience to you with Living Apex.

Thanks for reading, and good luck in your pursuit of the minimalist, digital nomad lifestyle!

How can I contact you?

You can leave a comment at the end of any post you’d like to add your two cents to, or use the contact form for other reasons. I do my best to keep up with the messages I receive, but sometimes life gets in the way. I apologize in advance if that happens.

I would like to advertise on your website. How do I do that?

External advertising is currently closed to maintain a minimal, distraction free environment for my readers.

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Thanks for reading, I hope that Living Apex can help you do what I’ve been able to so far, and so much more!

Where Else Can I Find Your Writing?

Although a lot of it is undisclosed content written for clients, you can find hundreds of my published articles through my portfolio!