Microwave Your Way to Simplicity! | 5-Minute Simplifying

Photo by SportSuburban.

By Josh Rueff on June 03, 2013

For some of us it’s just convenient. For many, it’s an absolute necessity.

The microwave may be the eau de toilette of the fine chef”s world, but for a lot of us, it’s a life saver.

For me it’s a tool of simplicity.

What does a microwave have to do with living simply? It’s kind of a rhetorical question I guess, but here’s a few answers anyway:

1. It helps us save our most precious and rare commodity: Time.

2. The most simple recipes are the ones that end up in the microwave.

3. Effortless feeding often means less stress: What’s easier than pressing a button and waiting?

James, the adventure-loving minimalist over at thesofasurfa wrote:

“One thing that I have been very good at for the last few years is keeping the number of possessions I actually have to a minimum. Lately though I have been applying the ‘simple is better’ and the ‘less is more’ philosophy to some other areas of my life…”

I think a lot of times, minimalists get a little too Ghandi-ish, chucking their belongings in a frenzy to fulfill their life of simplicity…

Do I think there’s anything wrong with that?

Not necessarily. But getting rid of things isn’t everything. Simplifying has to do with a synergy of simple habits across the board.

And that’s one of the reasons I’m writing this 5-Minute Simplifying Series. Back to the nukeoven.

Photo by SportSuburban.

                       Microwaving the 1959 way.                            Photo by SportSuburban.

The Challenge

The 5-minute simplifying challenge is to find as many nukeoven recipes as you can for your favorite foods – in 5 minutes of course.

Here’s an example. My favorite foods are:

-Thai Food

-Mexican Food (or is it Hispanic-American now? I keep falling behind on political correctness…)


-Soul Food (Not black food – see, I’m not completely behind)

I’ll have to lose the sushi because you don’t generally cook it… but the others are a go!

5 minutes later…

1. Thai Sticky Rice – In the microwave: Kow Neuw ข้าวเหนียว

2. Microwave Thai Tofu. Sounds gross but it’s Thai, and it’s nukable: Thai-Style Tofu Ww in Microwave.

3. Chicken Ginger Stir Fry: ไก่ผัดขิง (Gai Pad Khing)

4. Mexican Manicotti: Microwave Mexican Manicotti

5. Soul Food Mac: Make Non-Processed Macaroni and Cheese in a Coffee Mug

I may not be as fast as I thought, but hey, 5 nuke-friendly recipes are better than none! If your tastes are similar to mine, there’s a nice little freebie for you. I hope you add to it with your own! 

5 minute simplifying success (as long as the microwaved Mexican doesn’t put me on ze toilette). Good luck with the challenge, and I hope it helps you save time, money, and who knows, maybe even some sanity!



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