The Capabilities of the Human Mind (get smarter than Einstein)

Understanding the Mind

It is good to think of your mind as a living organism. One of the best examples I’ve heard is the concept of the mind explained using simple botany. A tree begins as a seed – this seed can only germinate under optimal environmental conditions: the temperature, humidity, ph level, sun level, etc. This seed, once the proper levels of beneficial external variables have been “ingested”, will germinate into a plant with leaves, a stem, and roots.

These three components continue to grow proportionally to each other. A tree may have plenty of sunlight, lending to the development of large and bountiful leaves, but if their roots are limited in their growth, the stem will not be able to receive the nutrients needed to support the full potential of the leaves.

The mind, in the same way, requires an environment offering beneficial external variables that will promote optimal growth and performance. The mind works in conjunction with the rest of the body, and is either limited or freed by the overall level of health of the rest of the body.

Einstein vs… Me?

The most important thing to understand about the human mind is the fact that there is very little difference from one brain to the next. Yes, you are unique – and your mind does think in different ways than others, but in reference to the capability of your mind – there is a much smaller gap between your cognitive ability and that of Einstein’s than you might think. Hard to stomach? It probably is, but allow yourself for a moment to think on your own – free from what you have been taught, free from the way you were raised, and free from the restrictions placed upon you by culture and society.

Freakish Genes?

Have you ever considered why individual’s like Albert Einstein, René Descartes, Socrates, Aristotle, Alexander Flemming, Thomas Edison, Nietzsche, Pascal, Leonardo Da Vinci, Alexander the Great, Hannibal, Sun Tzu, Giordano Bruno, Nikola Tesla, and other great minds were so successful in their endeavors?

It seems that our go-to response for whatever reason is to assume that they were magically born with some sort of freakish genetic design that gave them an advantage over the rest of us. I am here to state that this is simply not the case.

Why are we so obsessed with notion that some individuals are simply born with a more capable mind or body than others? And before I get too far into this, I must put forth a reasonable disclaimer: There is, without a doubt, a connection between a person’s natural leanings and the genetic combination present within them. In the sport of basketball, a child with tall parents automatically has a statistical advantage over a child with short parents. On the other side of the matter, the child with short, muscular parents may have an advantage over the child with the basketball advantage.

Surely this concept is similar in the study of the cognitive function, and individuals should pursue what they are genetically predisposed to excel in. However, the mind, whatever its leanings, is capable of far more than we as a species have become accustomed to believe, and those capabilities are not limited to a rare, naturally gifted percentage of the population.

Shed Your Limitations and Unlock Your Intelligence

We are simply not living up to our full potential, and are selling ourselves short by placing ourselves within this mental box. This box is the limitations we place on ourselves and allow others to place upon us. That is the “wisdom” of the masses. The general population believed the Orville brothers to be mad, as well as Fulton, Einstein, and a host of individuals we now consider geniuses. The fact is that these individuals did

not allow themselves to be limited by society or their own minds, and this allowed them to accomplish great things.

Let us examine and dispel the myth of the genius and polymath as we know it, in order to bring a general awareness of what our minds are truly capable of. There are few who have caught on to this awareness, but those who have unlock the ability to achieve Einstein intelligence and beyond, especially within their specific range of interests and talents.