Make a Jigging Spoon out of a Nail!

How hard is it to make your own homemade fishing lures? This is the question I asked myself before I jumped into this Minimalist Fishing Series.

The answer ranges from simple to difficult, but for my first homemade fishing lure, the modified Jigging Spoon, it’s about as simple as it gets. It’s fairly unimpressive, but it’s also practically free.

To give you an idea of what the final product looks like, here’s my first homemade fishing lure, the modified jigging spoon:

Jigging Spoon

This is my first homemade lure, the Modified Jigging Spoon (:

The Modified Jigging Spoon

1. First, gather your materials:

The Paperclip.

Jigging Spoon Material #1, the paper clip.

The Nail.

Jigging Spoon Material #2, the nail.

Finger Nail Polish…

Jigging Spoon Material #3, finger nail polish. Weird I know.

And the Treble Hook.

Photo on 2013-04-12 at 15.34

2. Twist the paper clip in a logical fashion around the nail. That is, make an eye for the line, and leave enough paper clip at the bottom for the treble hook.

3. Cut the nail to your preferred size – make sure you don’t cut the paper clip in the process!

4. Attach the treble hook to the paper clip.

5. Paint the lure with the finger nail polish you ganked from your wife or girlfriend (:

It’s as easy as that!

Final Tips

You may want to use different colors for different lures, and I would advise matching the colors of your target fish’s primary source of prey. Another good strategy is to find out what color the fish seem to be hitting more, and painting your lure to match their preference. 

Another thing to keep in mind is the tools you can use: I only used a couple needle nose pliers, but it probably would have been easier if I had used something to hold it in place, like some kind of woodworking clamp. I’ll do that next time, but I’m going to use either a clamp I can make myself inexpensively, or  something that I already have that will operate in a similar fashion.


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  3. Hey Josh,

    I really love your minimalist approach to lure making. I like the idea of using stuff you already have rather than having to go and buy new supplies for your lure making. Have you taken your minimalist lure making to the next level and actually caught some fish with these lures?


    • Hey Joe, thanks! I haven’t been fishing with lures at all this season so unfortunately no – I’ve focused all of my efforts on a particularly tricky lake where the fish (apparently) only take to worms and other live bait.

      I’ve only tested them once or twice each, and they all perform very well (as far as their action in the water), just as good as any other lure – except for the nail jig – it swam funny, the treble hook sinking first – need to balance it better (:

      The spinner is amazing… And now that I think about it I’m not sure I posted it…

      • Hey Josh, if those lures have a nice action I’m sure they’ll eventually produce the goods! Best of luck with that ‘tricky lake’ – sounds like a worthy challenge.


        • Thanks Joe, I hope they do! It certainly is – took me a while, but I think I’ve finally got the hang of it (: