10-Minute Homemade Fishing Lure: Jerkbait Out of a Stick!


For this homemade lure, I’ve created a video (at the bottom of this post) that shows me going through the process step by step.

This is the almost final product (I still need to figure out how to paint good eyes).



The Homemade Fishing Lure: The Jerkbait Step by Step

It took 10 minutes, give or take a minute or two.

1. Found a stick and whittled it into a Jerkbait minnow shape. Time: 5 minutes.

2. Drilled hole through the budding Jerkbait lure. Time: 2 minutes.

3. Coated the lure with clear finger nail polish (waterproofs/increases durability). Time: 1 minute.

4. Straightened out my paper clip and ran it through the lure. Time: Less than matters.

5. Formed paper clip on the ends for line and treble hook. Time: 1 minute.

6. Painted the homemade fishing lure with red and black finger nail polish. Time: 1 minute.


Supplies Needed:

1. Stick.

2. Paperclip.

3. Treble Hook.

4. Fingernail Polish.

5. Google-eyes if you like them (I hate google-eyes, so I’m still learning how to paint a professional looking fish eye)


Here’s my video showing me making a homemade fishing lure in 10 minutes- Enjoy!

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Good luck fishing,