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The Cognitive Augmentation Outline

This is the outline for the future ramblings of this weblog: Chapter 1 FAQ Introduction Thesis and what the human mind is capable of, our cognitive capability and an argument of nurture over nature with case studies provided as evidence. The goals of our studies Chapter 2 Continuation of Goals Great minds; real life examples […]

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The Marine Corps, Goals, and Obsession

C.S. Lewis, the author of the Chronicles of Narnia, The Screwtape letters, and many other literary masterpieces once said that an individual “is never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” Many of us associate goal setting with stressful deadlines, coffee jitters, the subsequent crash, unfulfilled dreams, etc. Maybe the […]

The Art of Obsession (continued)

Purpose. Obsession must have a purpose first of all. The purpose of a tree is simply to grow toward the sun. This purpose is essentially the rudder, the element providing direction for the individual’s passion. A boat without a rudder and destination will never achieve its goal, no matter how much wind is at its […]

The Art of Obsession

What is Obsession? I realize that this word has a negative association to many, so I have added the following words for those of us who would prefer the more positive twists of the word. Typically when we refer to an obsession in a positive way, we use the words “passion”, “preoccupation”, “fixation”, or something […]

The Top 20 Healthy Brain Nutrients!

Source: cgalvin233 Colleen on Flickr

Why Your Brain Needs Natural Nutrients In light of my recent Nootropic recipe postings, I have decided to balance my study with an organic approach to brain health and improvement. It’s best to build a healthy brain diet revolving around foods that promote brain health first – lay that foundation before building on it with […]

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