MAB #2: Positive Spoken Affirmations For Self Love and Success

image of podcast title LAP #2: Positive Spoken Affirmations For Self Love and Success

A MicrAudibleBook (pronounced “My-Craw-Dibble-Book”) is a tiny (one could even say micro, mmyess…) audiobook. Why not call it a podcast? Because I don’t have a guest and they’re less of a conversation, and more of an itsy bitsy book that you can hear. Enjoy!

Hey guys, today I’ve got some powerful spoken affirmations that are designed to build your confidence, joy, self-belief and potential for success through the art of love.

Oh yes. Is that weird? I wouldn’t mind much if it was, as long as it helps at least some of you.

Here’s a preview of the intro:

Have you ever loved someone? I mean REALLY loved someone — would die for, would kill for, would make a complete village-idiot fool of yourself, just to make that person smile.

That kind of love is powerful; the kind of love that fuels ANYTHING.

That’s our goal today — to generate that kind of powerful love for yourself.

Because self-love will not only make you happy, bold and at peace with yourself — it’ll also naturally drive you to the apex of whatever success you’re shooting for, because you’ll do anything for the people you love.

So how are we going to crank your self-love into high gear?

Well, through affirmations — for the first half of this video, just repeat the affirmations, and for the second half, you can just listen if you’d like, as I speak these positive affirmations to you.

By the way, if you’d prefer to view this on youtube, here you go!


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