MAB #1: 7 Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Started My Online Business


A MicrAudibleBook (pronounced “My-Craw-Dibble-Book”) is a tiny (one could even say micro, mmyess…) audiobook. Why not call it a podcast? Because I don’t have a guest and they’re less of a conversation, and more of an itsy bitsy book that you can hear. Enjoy!

In this podcast I share the “7 Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Started My Online Business” as a freelance writer and online marketer:

1. It’s okay to get help and surround yourself with strong assets.

2. Building your marketing list should be one of your highest priorities.

3. You should do your due marketing research diligence so your list grows faster.

4. Customer and client feedback is a massive key to success.

5. Tunnel vision plus the 80/20 rule = colossal business success thanks to maximum efficiency and hard core productivity.

6. Yes, build your business around your passion – but that’s only half of the picture…

7. This last topic is the biggest mistake I’ve ever made, and the reason I make $300 per article BUT fail to pull in 6 figures per year.


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